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Focused on the Future

Arlington is a great progressive success story, but we’re at a turning point. With my deep civic commitment and entrepreneurial success, I know how to get things done.  I will be a voice on the County Board with the right experience to connect the dots and champion innovative solutions that address school capacity, keep Arlington affordable, and ensure our long-term prosperity.

Innovative Solutions

It's time for doing different things and doing things differently!

Planning for Schools and Community Needs

  • Plan comprehensively and lay out a complete picture of how our schools, fire stations, parks, libraries, and senior centers will fit together
  • Work with the School Board and the Joint Facilities Advisory Commission (JFAC) to build consensus on a long-term county-wide solution so we can stop bouncing from one ad-hoc decision to the next

Creating an Economy that Works for All

  • Focus our economic development strategy on our local innovators and entrepreneurs, who are the heart and soul of Arlington’s economy
  • Develop a “GET TO YES” customer service culture so that residents and businesses get straightforward, consistent, accountable, accurate service from the County
  • Apply my small business fiscal discipline to ensure adequate funding for our schools and infrastructure priorities

Keeping Arlington Affordable

  • Craft a “Missing Middle” housing policy so the market can create neighborhood scale housing along our transportation corridors and prevent the middle class from being priced out of Arlington
  • Deliver on the goals of the Affordable Housing Master Plan including increasing the distribution of affordable units around the County

Building a 21st Century Transportation Network

  • Save Metro from a “death spiral” by supporting a regional solution ensuring new, sustainable, and dedicated funding and effective, accountable management
  • Invest in infrastructure and transit so that you can walk, bike, ride, or drive efficiently and safely, whether you’re taking the kids to practice, commuting to work, or enjoying a sunny afternoon

Putting Progressive Values into Action

  • Open a healthcare co-op so local businesses can provide lower-cost healthcare for their employees; simultaneously growing our economy while supporting the goal of universal coverage
  • Reimagine an empty office building as a school on the lower floors and a senior center above
  • Expand the County’s Open Data Portal to improve transparency and accountability while empowering citizens to drive evidence-based decisions
  • Leverage traditional communication channels and social media to engage a broader and more diverse spectrum of our community in civic dialogue

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